Today we are celebrating our love for animation and design! Pandora Ogilvy assigned us with the latest TVC for Kean Juices and we grasp the chance to sip and dive into a surrealistic romantic story among an orange and a pomegranate.

Client : KEAN
Agency : Ogilvy Pandora
Head Of Account Management : Elias Arvanitis
Creative: Elias Moustakeas
Production : YELL
Direction : Tony Zagoraios
3D Animation Direction : Costas Fatsis
Art Direction: Tony Zagoraios, Till Noon
Graphic Design : Till Noon
3D Characters Animation: Kostis Anagnostakis
3D Texturing,Lighting : Thanos Kagkalos
Motion Design: Ilias Chalkiopoulos, Thanos Kagkalos
Cel Animation: Eduard Mykhailov
Original Music & Sound Design : Rabbeats Music